CavLab peer-review journal papers




Performance characterisation of a passive cavitation detector optimised for subharmonic periodic shock waves from acoustic cavitation in MHz and subMHz ultrasound

Ultrasonics Sonochemistry  43 146-155 (2018)

K. Johansen, J. H. Song, P. Prentice

(open access from link)


Covert cavitation: Spectral peak suppression in the acoustic emissions from spatially  configured nucleations

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 141(3) EL216 (2017)

J. H. Song, K. Johansen, P. Prentice

(open access from link)


An analysis of the acoustic cavitation noise spectrum: The role of periodic shock waves

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 140(4) 2494-2505 (2016)

J. H. Song, K. Johansen, P. Prentice

(open access from link)


Deconvolution of acoustically detected bubble-collapse shock waves

Ultrasonics 73 144-153 (2017)

K. Johansen, J. H. Song, K. Johnston, P. Prentice

**This paper made it onto Ultrasonics most downloaded articles list (the 2014 paper is still hanging on in there, too)


High yielding microbubble production method

BioMed Research International Article ID 3572827 (2016)

J. Fiabane, P. Prentice, K. Pancholi

(open access from link)


Periodic shock-emission from acoustically driven cavitation clouds: A source of the subharmonic signal

Ultrasonics 54(8) 2151-2158 (2014)

K. Johnston, C. Tapas-Siles, B. Gerold, M. Postema, S. Cochran, A. Cuschieri, P. Prentice

(open access from link)

**This paper was at no.5 of the Ultrasonics most downloaded articles list (counted over the previous 90 days), for over a year!


Bifurcation of ensemble oscillations and acoustic emissions from early stage cavitation clouds in focused ultrasound

New Journal of Physics 15 033044 (2013)

B. Gerold, I Rachmilevitch, P. Prentice

(open access from link)


The importance of physics to progress in medical treatment

The Lancet, 379, 9825, 1534-43 (2012)

A. Melzer, S. Cochran, P. Prentice, M. MacDonald, Z. Wang, A. Cuschieri

link to article


Directed jetting from collapsing cavities exposed to focused ultrasound

Applied Physics Letters 100(2) 024104 (2012)

B. Gerold, P. Glynne-Jones, C. McDougall, D. McGloin, S. Cochran, A. Melzer, P. Prentice

link to article


Laser-nucleated acoustic cavitation in focused ultrasound

Review of Scientific Instruments 82(4) 044902 (2011)

B. Gerold, S. Kotopoulis, C. McDougall, D. McGloin, M. Postema, P. Prentice

Selected for re-publication in the Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research 21(9) (2011)

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Optical vortices produced by diffraction from dislocations in two-dimensional colloidal crystals

New Journal of Physics 8 257 (2006)

M. MacDonald, P. Prentice, K. Dholakia


Membrane disruption by optically controlled cavitation

Nature-Physics 1 107-110 (2005)

P. Prentice, A. Cuschieri, K. Dholakia, M.Prausnitz, P. Campbell

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Optical trapping and manipulation of single and multiple Contrast Agent micro-bubbles

Optics Express 12(4) 593-600 (2004)

P. Prentice, T. Frank, A. Cuschieri, G. Spalding, M. McDonald, W. Sibbett, K. Dholakia, P. Campbell

open access