CavLab takes delivery of its high-speed camera

Finally! It’s here!

Our Shimadzu HPV-X, capable of imaging at up to 10 million frames per second.

CavLab are always interested in developing new collaborations, and exploring new opportunities. If you would like to discuss the possibility of accessing this facility, let us know.


Here’s some data we took, recently, with our new favourite toy.

We don’t think it really means anything (otherwise we’d have tried to publish!), but we think it looks cool.

For what it’s worth, this is a ‘big’ laser bubble, which is about 0.5 mm at its maximum radius, in the focus of a 3.3 MHz focused ultrasound field. The movie was taken  at 5 million frames per second. Oh, and there’s a sewing needle-tip at the top of the field of view, which we use for alignment purposes.

big LIC in 3.3MHz with needle












You can see all sorts shock waves, and their relections, superimposed over the focused ultrasound in the background. It looks like the field is causing the bubble to wobble, as it contracts towards collapse.

Cool, huh?