Dr Bjoern Gerold

Bjoern was the first graduate from CavLab…



Dr Bjoern Gerold holds a BSc and an MSc in biomedical engineering from the University of Padua (Italy). He is the first alumni of the CavLab group, and graduated in 2013, with the doctoral thesis entitled “Cavitation in focused ultrasound”. During his PhD he studied fundamental bubble dynamics with the aid of high-speed cameras and lasers. As an early-career Marie Curie research fellow he was seconded to Israel for two years, and was part of an international team involved in a European funded project. This project had the aim to investigate ultrasound mediated local drug delivery. During this time he worked as an R&D engineer at Insightec Ltd. and as a guest researcher at Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology).  After graduation he began work as a post-doctoral industrial research assistant based in Diagnostic Sonar Ltd (Scotland). Here he was able to continue his cavitation research by developing specialised cavitation-control technology. In 2014, he moved to France and worked in LabTau, INSERM Lyon. There he investigated capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducers (CMUTs) for therapeutic applications. He was than awarded an individual Marie Curie Fellowship (now Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship) and is currently hosted by Theraclion SA, Paris. This grant has allowed him to return to cavitation research, whilst focusing more on the clinical requirements in an industrial context.

Bjoern’s PhD thesis is available to download here