Dr Paul Prentice

pp mugshot1Dr Paul Prentice is CavLab principal investigator and group leader.

Paul’s background is physics, with a dash of astro, which he studied at Queen’s University, Belfast. He eventually landed in Dundee, where he undertook a PhD with Dr Paul Campbell (a fellow Norn Irish lad), Prof Sir Alfred Cuschieri and Prof Kishan Dholakia, at the University of St Andrews. This work developed a holographic optical trapping rig, for tweezing and manipulation of ultrasound contrast agent microbubbles. He used the experimental configuration to demonstrate that microbubbles, stimulated by ultrasound, were capable of ‘micro-jetting’ into biological cells, as a drug delivery mechanism…

…and so his obsession with cavitation was born. Soon after graduating, Paul took an RCUK fellowship at the newly founded Institute of Medical Science and Technology (IMSaT), University of Dundee. From there he (eventually!) developed an independent research programme, studying bubble activity in high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), for potential therapeutic applications. His research goal is to harness and control the power of cavitation for medical and industrial applications …he loves a challenge!