Dr Keith Johnston

Since graduating from CavLab, Keith’s taken a lectureship at the University of Dundee.


Keith J - selfie

Here’s Keith’s Bio from when he was with CavLab:

Before Keith’s academic career he was a self-employed businessman who achieved ISO 12215 certification to manufacture fibre-glass fishing boats. A self-employed business is a challenging environment which requires a large skill set to stay competitive and successful. This five year period taught Keith important skills such as project and time management, problem solving, innovation and communication skills. Fortunately, Ireland’s recession gave Keith the opportunity to study mechanical engineering after completion of Dundee University access summer school. Since then Keith has found university life stimulating, interesting and rewarding. Keith’s Honours year project was self-proposed, and involved development of a wireless power meter system that had applications in both medical and cycling industry. Keith graduated in 2012 with a first class BEng (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering with a thesis entitled ‘An investigation of a novel force sensor application for dynamical cycling power evaluation’.
Keith started his PhD at IMSaT under the supervision of Dr Paul Prentice, at CavLab in September 2012. Dundee University is currently at the forefront of medical research, Keith’s specific PhD topic ‘Fundamental understanding in cavitation research’ allowed keith to continue development in research skills, where he was recently awarded IEEE best student paper award. This also enabled Keith to develop a different skill set of problem solving techniques, presentation, communication skills and also to become more involved with teaching and the supervision of students.